A professional to help you emerge to the life you are seeking to attain.

YOU have what it takes!

YOU are strong, determined and have a vision for your dream life, or maybe it is just something you are still trying to conceptualize.  You do not need another cheerleader, what you do need is a guide, a helper,someone that can hold up a mirror for you so you can have an honest look at your true self, see what is happening around you, inside of you, and help you organize your thoughts, breakdown mental barriers, and clear up the emotional clutter that is weighting you down. 

Working with you, step-by-step, I will be the steady hand that will help you emerge into the person you are destined to become. 





On the outside people think you have it all: a stable job, a good education, some traveling around, a fulfilled social and family life.  Your kids are healthy and beautiful, what else could you possibly be wanting?  Who dares to complain when you know well how many people do not have the same luxuries and health; a roof over your head, and food on the table? Are you unworthy to strive for more? Is that ungratefulness?

Deep down you know you are exhausted, and you feel stuck in a rut where you are pedaling a stationary bicycle as hard as you can and getting nowhere fast - only getting more exhausted by the minute. 

You feel like your inner spark is dimming down; adulthood is hard and monotonous.  Is there anything else to strive for in life?

Dealing with the constant same issues

Same problems - different day...

Is this the pinnacle of what you can expect out of life? Is this as good as it will ever get?

Living in a mental fog and trying to find out the solution to your problems is hard. 

Sure you have tried eating healthier, implementing some motivational hacks, dabbling around productivity tools, consuming all and every kind of information available out there and then getting overwhelmed by it all. 

At the end of the day, how does it apply to YOUR life, to YOUR personality and with YOUR circumstances, with your OWN personal aspirations?


You need a COACH; an accountable professional that will provide you with undivided attention, bring out the best techniques for you to use on your specific life scenarios and keep you accountable with your progress.


A partner that will push you to tackle the lifestyle that will make you emerge every morning full of energy and enthusiasm into a day full of opportunities! Somebody that will hold a mirror and shine a light in the patterns of behavior that you might not have even realized you were participating in. 


I am talking about coaching: a deep dive into your own desires, goals and talents. 

It is not about changing who you are, it is about bringing out the best version of you and help you attain clarity, find your voice, helping you express what you want and why you want it so that you can engage again with your life as an active participant, not just reacting at the whirl of events that seem to be thrown your way everyday. 


Let's Get Together

Let's Get Together

Every client is different, each with its own unique vision of what they want to achieve - it could be elusive or overwhelmingly distant in their mind.  Let's schedule a 30 min call to see if we are the right fit to work together, and I will honestly tell you what I can help YOU define for the balanced life that could have the right elements of sweet, salty and sour to emerge into the best version of yourself. 


Once you schedule your free 30 min call, we can evaluate if we are the right fit for one another.  It is of utmost importance that you and I both feel a good chemistry from our working relationship.  I invite you to relax and have an honest conversation with me, no strings attached. 

My services are bundled in increments of 3 months.  If we agree to enroll you in the coaching program, you will be having approximately 10 hours of one-on-one phone sessions: flexible, specific, effective. 

These sessions will be custom made to target your needs - explicit assignments, evaluations and a mind map that you and I get to discuss in detail for you to attain the success you expect. 

Stop feeling stagnant and contact me now - this might just be one of the most important decision that will change your life. 




YVONNE MAFFEI - founder of My Halal Kitchen.

Being coached by Arshia has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life.  She has a special talent for identifying one's blocks for success and for hearing and seeing her clients in ways that are necessary to process and release old patterns and learn new ones, giving you the tools to continue to emerge on a daily basis. Having her on my side as my guide has been and will continue to be one of the best investments in myself and my business. 

'SUSAN RAY' - pseudo

I had never spoken to anyone about my emotional struggles (given I am a very closed person) at that time. Arshia was the first person I had opened up to and it didn’t take me long to do so. She is extremely personable, kind hearted, empathetic, and non judgmental. Arshia is a walking example of her efforts, her desire to keep going, her determination to fight against all obstacles in life in order to make a better life for herself and her family – this helped me connect with her so quickly.

I didn’t understand what exactly is a Life Coach until my session was over. At that time in my life I had some inner emotional struggles I was dealing with, and these struggles were preventing me to fulfill my goals.  Arshia gave me techniques that I could use in my life to overcome my obstacles – and they worked! If you are a person that is stuck on point A and want to get to point B in your life and have emotional obstacles in your way – Arshia is the person you need to meet! I highly recommend her!


I had the pleasure of benefiting from Arshia's coaching services.  In my mind, her services would help me make very necessary changes in my employment situation.  The impact, however, was beyond what I could have ever imagined.  First, the coaching did address my employment situation but actually had far greater impact in my personal life.  Through Arshia's thoughtful probing, gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) confrontation.  I uncovered a significant truth about myself and my life that truly had been unexamined.  This discovery was a bit painful but opened the door to healing a hurt I didn't know existed and consequently set me on a path of asking myself (and others) questions and getting answers that really has allowed me to life a more joyful, authentic life. 

I gained insights into patterns of thinking that I wasn't aware of and that was blocking me from being happy in various aspects of my life.  My coaching sessions with Arshia helped me see how often I operated from a deficits perspective.  She often challenged my perspective on things, helping me to see occasions on how my own perceptions were being the block that kept me from achieving my own goals.  With her help, I was able to identify goals and make changes in the areas where I had control.  In a particular area where I was not in control over certain circumstances, she helped me re-frame my outlook and find a way to have impact over a smaller aspect of the situation. 

The best thing I gained from coaching was finding my own voice.  I received validations in areas where I simply had been unable to decide if I was correctly identifying things.  Most notably, I learned to move from passive acceptance.  I gained tools for setting boundaries and articulating my thoughts and feelings.  My improved manner of communication allowed me to walk away from conversations feeling more powerful, having stood in my truth.  My previous way of communicating involved simply suppressing my thoughts and feelings, leaving me feeling disingenuous. 

I highly recommend Arshia Ali-Khan to anyone who is ready to move from the status quo and starting improving their way of life. 



Arshia is a wonderful and sincere coach. I have a hard time opening up to others and trusting them with my "scary" truths but somehow with Arshia I felt implicit trust. Trust in her ability to be discreet and in her judgement & advice. I have been doing weekly sessions with her for the last few months and while I wasn't really sure what to expect in the beginning, Arshia immediately put me at ease. Every session I left feeling like I had had my first REAL conversation in a long time. I appreciate Arshia's ability to push beyond your comfort zone and niceties, while also being aware of your limits. Every session I felt like I was doing WORK, but that I was also in a very safe place where I could let my guard down and be truly vulnerable to do the work that needed to be done. This is the environment Arshia fosters...and thats just over the phone! 

Arshia is a pleasure to talk to but also very astute and will not let you get away with not acknowledging your underlying issues. She listens intently and with purpose but also does not hesitate to share her own experiences with the coaching process. You can tell that its profoundly affected her own life and that she truly believes in the process for herself and for you too. Through our weekly sessions and the assignments she gave me to work on between sessions, I had many breakthroughs about what was really driving my actions (or lack thereof). There were many tears. It was exhausting and sometimes difficult..but it was so worth it. Its only when we truly understand ourselves that we can understand our decisions and create new patterns for ourselves. And in these new patterns we can hope to reach our desire to be the best version of ourselves.

I feel endlessly grateful for the work I have done with Arshia and the perspective it has given me. I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor. I don't think I could have done this work with anyone else.