Building sustainable social change

Non-Profit Capacity Building

A visionary leader with a professional career reflecting years of creative, transformational leadership, corporate and non-profit organization development. Over 15 years of HR experience. Proven ability to effectively lead cross-functional & multi-cultural teams to transform and expand organizations. A life-long learner with an outstanding record of accomplishments and a passion for organizational excellence, growth, learning and development.


Organizational Assessments 

To grow, one must first understand.

Understand an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses by conducting organizational assessments. Using program evaluation, surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups to develop a clear understanding of your organization and its impact.


Ideal State Action Planning

Arshia Khellil is a trained facilitator who has led teams of executives, boards of directors, staff, and other stakeholders to:

·        Assess the present state of a project, brand or organization

·        Articulate the ideal state

·        Identify organizational barriers and limitations to reach your ideal state, which may involve recognizing threats to growth

·        Develop clear, strategic priorities and pathways to move from the present to the ideal state.

Through a combination of in-depth, cross-departmental organizational interviews, and one or more facilitated planning sessions with executives, staff and boards, Khellil creates a strategy that is both vision-oriented and serves as an operational roadmap that effectively directs resources, programming and staffing.