Organization Team Workshops and Executive Leadership Coaching

From high-profile organizations to local individuals and entrepreneurs, Arshia serves her clients as an experienced transformation leadership coach and adviser.

Arshia brings over two decades of experience to her clients and brings a unique approach informed by the academic principles of transformational leadership including cutting-edge neuroscience and easy-to-apply practices your teams will practice right in the workshop.

Khellil builds customized training, workshop, and coaching programs aligning your team around mission, vision, and principles. Her clients learn social and emotional intelligence skills to better understand themselves, each other, and their clients/members/leadership.

Workshops and Coaching

  • One-On-One Executive Coaching

  • On-Boarding

  • Talent Development

  • Leadership Development Workshops:

  1. Leading with Emotional Intelligence Transformational Leadership

  2. Leading with Purpose

  3. New Face of Leadership

  4. Making the Transition to Leadership Resonant Leadership: Renewing yourself while leading others

  5. Leading Groups with Personal Power